Change! Many times comes across as an Utopic state of mind that we embrace when we seek an excuse not to deal with an already existing issue. When Change is talked about in general context, it tends to be seen from a surface perspective, almost like we really don’t mean it or perhaps we didn’t think so deeply about what we truly desire to be different. It actually takes a heart beat for Change to happen but that heart beat could be eons away.

Michelangelo is alleged to have said that when he set out to sculpt a statue from a formless block of marble, he sought only to remove the excess marble from the statue that was already there inside the block.

Change from what I have learnt is come to be known as a process that involves certain ideas that would include self-awareness, self-knowledge, improving or learning new skills, identity/self-esteem, developing strengths or talents improving wealth, spiritual development as well which in itself can only become an experience. Identifying or improving potential, building employability or human capital, enhancing lifestyle or the quality of life, improving health, fulfilling aspirations, initiating a life enterprise or personal autonomy, defining and executing. Change doesn’t stop there, for if change will affect individualy, it will cause personal development, social change, change in moral standards and the list goes on. It stirs me into a state of awe when I hear people screaming vote for Change, and I ask myself, ‘Have I changed enough to accept the change?’. If that is not in place, in my oppinion we are not ready for change. We must change ourselves before we can talk about changing the things that happen around us.

We don’t want Change because some people will rather let things be the way nature of the universe plays out and not try to interfere with it. Instead they seek to understand it and try to go in line with it.


A Witty Back and Forth on The Condition Of Living of a State


It is only In Naija You find a graduate of MECHANICAL ENGINEERING doing his NYSC in a Police station.


It is only in Naija, person wey read HUMAN ANATOMY for university dey work for BANK. *Na money dem dey disect and stitch for dia?*


It is only in Naija that one person is carrying Blackberry Z10, Ipad2, Iphone 5 and Nokia Lumia all at once. U be Bill Gate? Abi na U Information Technology (IT).


It is only in Nigeria that you will see a graduate of Law working as a generator repairer. *Big things have little beginings* *For your mind* 


It is only Naija, you see a madman controling traffic, people wey their head correct dey obey… *Disfuntional at its best*


It is only in Naija chemist, you see puff-puff, chin-chin, doughnut, chewing stick etc inside shop. *Multi-purpose chemist*


It is only in Naija, driver dey blow horn for traffic make red light quick turn to Green. *Oyinbo no put ear for traffic light*


It is only in Naija, you go see advert from native doctor on how to make quick money.


It is only in Naija, you fit get aeroplane with 200 naira recharge card. *MTN! Una dey make plane?*


It is only in Naija, NEPA will give you light for one day in a month yet you pay bill of one month.


 It is only on Naija obituary poster they say “MAMA HAS RELOCATED”. *She no carry her personal effects go?*


It is only in Naija you see native doctor dey use laptop. *The native doctor dey Y2K compliant*


It is only in Naija you see Yahoo boy without laptop. *What about Google boy*